In the wake…

After last night’s grand jury announcement of no indictment, and after last week’s police-shooting of Akai Gurley in East New York, we wanted to re-share a bunch of resources that were compiled and circulated in August, after the police-shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.

Documents Released in the Ferguson Case,” The New York Times. November 25, 2014.
including Grand Jury transcripts, interviews with witnesses by police, forensics and other reports, photographs.

Teaching #Ferguson: Current Events in the Classroom,” @dankrutka.

Teaching and Learning in a #Ferguson World,” Paul Tritter.
Especially of note are the links in the section, “Statistics, surveys, and other forms of data.” Document also includes: Collections of teaching resources from others, Articles, blogposts, etc. about what/how/why to teach from other educators, Other articles, blogposts, videos, etc.

Violence in Post-Verdict Ferguson: What We Should Really be Worried About.” Heather Ann Thompson. Huffington Post. November 20, 2014.

“How to Teach Kids About What’s Happening in Ferguson: A crowdsourced syllabus about race, African American history, civil rights, and policing.” The Atlantic. Marcia Chatelain. August 25, 2014.


If you discuss Ferguson in your class, or teach about these events/issues, please share with us your resources so we can add them to this list and/or consider writing a reflection as a post on the blog!

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