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  • Nikhil Pal Singh, “Race, Crime and Police Power in the Making of US Empire.”

    Nikhil Pal Singh, “Race, Crime and Police Power in the Making of US Empire.”

    Nikhil Pal Singh (Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis and History, New York University) 2pm, Friday, March 28, 2014 — Room 4406 “Race, Crime and Police Power in the Making of US Empire” This talk considers the historical importance of racialized criminality (and criminalized racial […]

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  • “Dealing with Crime in New York”

    As New Yorkers head to the polls this fall to elect a new Mayor, the issue of criminal justice is front and center. In the Opinion Section’s “Room for Debate,” The New York Times has published the suggestions of  six experts (including several CUNY faculty – Maria […]

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  • Prisons in Haiti: US Plans to Build 2 New Prisons

    Haiti’s criminal justice system attracted international attention following the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010. The destruction wrought by the quake worsened already severe overcrowding , extreme violence, and widespread disease in Haiti’s prison. The nation’s already broken justice system became even more backlogged, leaving […]

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  • Riot and Protest: Prisons and Crime in Venezuela

    The January 26th prison riot at Uribana prison in Venezuela was violent, with at least 61 deaths and 120 wounded. In the wake of this and similar riots, and in the context of President Hugo Chavez’ ailing health, several publications have recently raised questions about […]

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  • The Power of Police (?) – NYC Crime and Prison Population Drop

    Consider some of the recent debates over the power of (NYPD) policing in reducing crime and the prison population: John Tierney, “Prison Population Can Shrink When Police Crowd Streets,” The New York Times. January 25, 2013. While the American prison population has doubled in the past two decades, […]

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