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  • Challenging Punishment: Race, the People’s Health, and the War on Drugs (10/4-10/5)

    “Challenging Punishment: Race, the People’s Health, and the War on Drugs,” is a two-day conference sponsored by Columbia University’s Institute for Research in African-American Studies (IRAAS), featuring scholars and researchers; health and legal professionals; and citizen advocates in discussion of the relevant social, legal, and […]

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  • The Correction (Sept-Oct events)

    John Brown Lives! is sponsoring several events this fall that open up conversation about the 40-year impact of the Rockefeller Drug Laws.  The organization is based in New York’s North Country (where the Department of Correctional Services is a major employer and where several NYS […]

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  • The Legacy And Future Of Mass Incarceration – NPR and North Country Public Radio

    Forty years ago, New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller launched his campaign for what came to be known as the Rockefeller drug laws. Rockefeller wanted tough prison sentences, even for low-level drug dealers and addicts. It was an idea that quickly spread, influencing state and Federal […]

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