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The Prison Studies Group is a student-run organization at the CUNY Graduate Center dedicated to promoting critical, interdisciplinary examination of the prison and the criminal and juvenile justice systems, locally and globally.

To this end, the Prison Studies Group invites scholars and activists to discuss their work and research, hosts film screenings and discussions, and manages the Books Through Bars drop-box in the Mina Reese Library. The Group provides a space for students and faculty engaged in research related to the prison or criminal justice system to workshop their work, and also coordinates an annual graduate student conference each spring.

The Prison Studies Group hopes to raise awareness of mass incarceration and the larger Prison Industrial Complex, and to encourage productive scholarship,research, and teaching on these critical issues.

The Group is working to provide more resources for our members, including bibliographies, an updated contact list of local and national organizations, a book/film lending library, and syllabi and curriculum shares. There has been discussion of a regular reading group, and the issues blog has recently been created.

If you are interested in getting involved, have ideas for the group, or wish to submit a post to the blog, please email us at prisonstudiesgroup@gmail.com

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